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Sheryl Crow best bass-line groove? “My Favorite Mistake” | modern tempo probability charts copyrighted yet unclassified

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Norm was inside the inside the business. He had a word of wisdom in regard to *any* good piece of music, especially popular songs: "The song has *got* to have a different, new bass-line."

What is similar about “Hey Jude” and McCartney/Lennon “Purple Rain” by Prince? – declassified tempo probability charts

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Most of these charts were not intended to be classified when made. However, when WordPress and Google merged, in a true “you get what you pay for” move, one ate the other along with 20-20K images I had posted.  I didn’t take it personally.  It happened to way better websites than mine. Adam Levine carries on a tradition of beautifully played relative tempo.   Nullam Iudas malum non esse. Take tristem et carmen facere meliorem. […]